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Hong Kong


Please click here to see: Titi Kerawang Waterfal Photos

Titi Kerawang waterfall located in the middle from Bukit Jambul side (Airport ) and Teluk Bahang, It?s in the left side of the Penang Island.
If from right side of the Island (From George Town area), you can go thru Taman Negara Pulau Penang (Teluk Bahang ? Batu Feringgih) then take about 20 km to reach this waterfall.

The problem to go here is no public bus as I've known so far, I tried to get the information about this waterfall also very difficult, even some Local Penang people also don?t know about this waterfall.

I went there on 21 April 2007 using a taxi from Bukit Jambul area, It?s cost 40 RM (about 11 USD) for one way trip, make sure you asked the taxi driver phone number to arrange your pick up, or you can asked the driver to wait for you, maybe you can spend 1 hour here.

I spent about 3 hours there, enjoying taking photos and feeling the nature atmosphere.
You will easily know this place, cause the big sign board ?Titi Kerawang Waterfall? located in the side of the Road, and the other sign is the white bridge.

Take about 100 meters to go in to see the waterfall, be careful of the spider, quite many, but not in the way to the waterfall, I found many big spiders in the entrance of the waterfall.

It?s free of charge to enter this waterfall area.

There are 2 waterfalls, the right one with water spillover from the discharge pipe. The second one (left one) is a natural cascading fall. When I was there, the right one not have water flow, so seems the water was blocked, only the left side has water.

The water is clean, the area also quite clean, have little rubbish, maybe because some visitor easily throw the mineral water bottle, and some plastic rubbish into the water. When I was there also have someone cleaning the area, sweeping the fallen leaf.

I like this place, sitting in the rock seeing the water flows, walking thru the water flow. I tried to find any birds in that area, but that time I did not find any birds, I only heard some monkey sound, but could not see them. The only monkey I saw is in the entrance. The monkey was in the cage. Some stores there, you can buy some fruits and drinks there.

One thing need to pay attention is when you walking thru the water and the rock just be careful cause quite slippery and please not thru any rubbish in the water, safe nature environment :)

Please click here to see: Titi Kerawang Waterfal Photos

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